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ALLSTAR Panthers … 172 National titles and counting!

The ALLSTAR Panthers have been one of the premier competition cheerleading programs in the country for the past 17 years in with our gym in Atlanta. Now our newest addition in the Low Country will carry on all of the finest Panther traditions.

Competitive cheerleading offers the very best combination of coordination, flexibility, athleticism and dance. This is a team sport which teaches the fundamentals of team work through responsibility and accountability while providing a productive “achievers” group in which to belong. ALLSTAR offers our competitive cheerleading program to kids of EVERY level, from the very beginner to advanced/elite, ages 5 to 18!

The Panther program is fun, exciting, challenging and produces a healthy confidence and self-esteem. Our coaches are positive and motivating. We understand the significance of this program as one of “life’s classrooms”. We take this responsibility very seriously and will strive to give your child the greatest possible benefit along with memories that will last a lifetime!


ALLSTAR Panthers 2014‐2015 Teams

(Athlete placement and  Team Levels are subject to change)

* Please expect the rosters to grow as we are still in the process of evaluations



Brooklynn Denmark
Sloane Parton
Emma Kate Tracy
Langley Ruth Hogshead
Saylor McDowell


Mini Level 1 ‐ Pearl

Ansley Carr
Bella Stern
Ryan Sanders
Tate Holloman
Izzy Waz
Isabella Meissen
Hannah Swinton
Tori Denmark
Miranda Moulton
Mia Campbel
Lauren Sanders


Youth Level 1‐ Jade

Mia Campbel‐Home Team
Lauren Saders‐ Home Team
Kayley Vause
Isabella Walls
Rachel Deal
Sloane Woods
Jessica Tilton
Tyler McDowell
Kaia Miles‐Baroni
Rylee Bodie
Grace Peralta
Macey Davis
Camden Bernstein
Lila Arzillo
Harper Doupe
Ellie Carson
Jaiden Brower
Ashlyn Hetzel
Haley Miller
Taylor Hughes


Junior Level 2‐ Sapphire

Ashlyn Hetzel‐ Home Team
Sadie Moulton‐ Home Team
Jaiden Brower‐ Home Team
Katelyn Hetzel‐ Home Team
Taylor Hughes‐ Home Team
I'Kerah Jefferson
Kayla Eosso
Maria Ragonesi
Rylee Taminen
Lexi Twitchell
Caroline Eddy
Skylar Hayes
Carter Rohal
Claire Stephens
Caroline Hagers
Skylar Bodie
Annelise Martin
Allie Doughty
Temre Campbell
Isabella Tovar
Gabby Boyles
Kathleen Abernethy
Maria Peralta
Riley Pickhardt
Peyton Baxter‐Wilhoit
Tessa Beck
Emily Evegan
 Ava Slusne
Daniela Moreno
Bianca Rodriguez


Senior Level 2 ‐ Senior PINK

Kennedy Farrell
I'Kerah Jefferson‐ Home Team
I'Jheri Jefferson
Jordan Bryan
Amber Scott
Maddie TodtIzzy Lieblein
Maddie Mullen
Emily Eggers
Ashlyn Boyd
Cailin Cobb
Celeste Haas
Selena Haas
Bailey Carson
Caitlyn Livingston
Linleigh Viens
Katelyn Hetzel

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Team Placement

Team placement is done by evaluation. We have a place for everyone regardless of experience or skill level.

Please check out facebook pages for pictures, videos and stories “Panthers Lair” “Panther Paparazzi” sites on Facebook for pictures and videos.

For more information and a complete Panther Handbook, please call Jennifer at 843-290-4227 or e-mail us at jennifer@allstarinformation.com.